AC Transparency Program


 The Transparency Program  of  Appeal Chamber  is prepared  in compliance with Law No. 84/2016 “ On the Transitional Re-evaluation of Judges and  Prosecutors  in  the Republic of Albania”,  Article  7 of Law no. 119/2014 “ On the right to information”  (LRI) and the model  Transparency  Program ” approved by order No. 14, dated, 22.01.2015  of  Commissioner’s office on the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data.  AC aims by implementing the transparency program to set up and increase the transparency level during the process of transitional re-evaluation of assessees. The Transparency Program shall be periodically updated in compliance with Article 5 of Law on the Right to Information.  The information published in this program is intended to make the SQC activity transparent by a detailed reflection of data published under AC website  The Transparency Program published in menu, texts/contents also contains time limits and the way the information is made available to public as well as the responsible structure  for issuance and maintenance /administration of  documents.  The publication scheme, noted by the contents, indicates the menu where the document is published by its official website.  Furthermore, any document shall be accessible to public through this publication scheme.  As published under the official website menu are also found data which contain restrictions on the identification of personal data due to the protection provided on the privacy of persons/ subject of the data, etc.  The publication scheme is presented by the table of contents noted in this program.


Main principles where AC Transparency  Program relies are the following:

  1. “The right to information” is a constitutional right foreseen by Article 23 of the Constitution accessible by any person without exception.
  2.  The assumption of maximal publication of data: The AC shall exercise public functions and the information issued from the exercise of its activity is published in accordance with the legislation in force, consequently. 
  3. The rigorous/ correct implementation of Constitution, Law No. 84/2016 “On the Transitional Revaluation of Judges and Prosecutors in the Republic of Albania and legal provisions that regulate the SQC activity, specifically.
  4.  The information is prepared in easily comprehensible and accessible formats.    
  5. The competent authority for supervising public information procedures is the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data.
  6. The revision of the transparency program shall occur through the same procedure as its approval.
  7.  Information made available to public ex officio must be:




easy to consult,


easily accessible;

in compliance with the original documents possessed by the public authority


The information consented for publication is expressively foreseen by Article 7 of the Law no.119/2014.

The AC in compliance with the Transparency Program approved , makes the information available to public by its official website,,  for information categories, as below:

The information consented for publication is expressively foreseen by Article 7 of the Law no.119/2014.

The AC in compliance with the Transparency Program approved , makes the information available to public by its official website,,  for information categories, as below:

  • The organisational structure of public authority;
  • Complete texts of conventions being ratified by the Republic of Albania, laws, by-law acts, codes of conduct, every policy document, manual or any other document bearing a connection with the assumption of SQC functions and affecting the broad public;
  • Information on the procedures to be followed to file an application for information, postal and electronic address for lodging applications for information, as well as the appeal procedures against the respective decision;
  • Data on the location of offices of the public sector body, working hours, name and contacts of the coordinator for the right to information;
  • Data on the education, qualifications and salaries of functionaries, being subject to the obligation of declaring their assets according to the law, structures of salaries for other members of staff, as well as a description of the selection procedures, powers and tasks of the senior functionaries and the procedure they follow to make the decisions
  • Monitoring and controlling mechanisms operating above the public authority, including the strategic work plans, auditing reports of the High State Audit or other entities, as well as the documents containing indicators of the performance of the public authority;
  • Information on the procurement procedures, including: the list of concluded contracts; contracted amount; contracting parties and the description of contracted services or goods; information on implementing and monitoring the contracts, information on the services that the public authority makes available to the public, including the standards on the service quality;  frequently asked documents and information; any other information deemed as useful by the public authority;
  • Any mechanism or procedure for filing the applications and complains, in connection with the actions or omissions of the public authority; any mechanism or procedure, by which the interested persons may submit their opinions or have an impact in any other way on the drafting of laws, public policies or assumption of the functions of SQC as well as  information categories made available to public ex officio;
  • The AC shall create, keep and make public a specific record, reflecting the entire applications for information and the information made available in response. This register shall be updated every 3 months and it shall be made public on the internet site of the public sector body, as well as in the premises of the public sector body for the reception of the public. The identity of the applicants shall not be reflected in the register.
  • The AC shall also create and archive a digital copy of its official internet site, filled out with information being required in the approved transparency program, as well as on the methods, mechanisms and periodicity of the public information publication, being made available to the public ex officio;
  • The acts contain rules, norms or restrictions of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, as well as with a direct impact on them shall be made public by posting in the official internet site, within 48 hours since the approval of the act by SQC. The information made public available according to this publication scheme is constantly updated as many times as it changes.