Public hearing

Public hearing

2022-07-18 10:00 - 14:00

Today, on 18.07.2021, at 10:00, the Appeal Chamber held the public hearing of case (JR) no. 9/2022, dated 15.02.2022, corresponding to the appeal of the Public Commissioner against decision no. 491, dated 21.12.2021, of the Independent Qualification Commission, related to the assessee Gjon Kodra.

Following the previous hearing, after confirming the acquaintance with the complete financial analysis drafted by the Public Commissioner, the legal representative of assessee held his position with its regard. The legal representative stated that, with respect to the asset assessment criterion, the assessee manages to prove indisputably that it is a matter of inaccuracy of declaration and not an attempt to conceal the income.

Then, the International Observer of the International Monitoring Operation, referring to the findings submitted by him related to the background assessment, made some clarifying questions to the assessee relating to this criterion.

With regard to the public denunciations, the Public Commissioner stated that no such causes were found, which would make their further examination necessary.

After being consulted, the presiding judge stated that there are no facts or circumstances in the content of the public denunciations that may be considered valid to meet the criteria of Article 53 of Law no. 84/2016 “On the transitional re-evaluation of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”.

The trial panel decided to verify at the source, at the institution where it was administered, the information upon which the finding filed by the IO for the background assessment was based, related to the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission. Since this action will be carried out for the administration of a classified information, it shall be carried out without the presence of the parties attending this trial. In order to carry out these actions, the hearing will be postponed to July 22, 2022, at 08.30.

The public hearing shall take place at the premises of the Appeal Chamber, at Boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, no. 3, Tirana.