Subject matter: Disciplinary procededings against Mr. Heral Saraçi, Public Commissioner

Registration date: 26.02.Nr.1 JD

Initiated by: The International Monitoring Operation   

First hearing: 5.03.2018

Procedural status: Concluded on 12.03.2018 (Decision attached)

Adjudication panel: Chairperson: Sokol Çomo


  • Albana Shtylla 
  • Ardian Hajdari

 Investigating Judge: Natasha Mulaj

SubjectAppeal with object “Annulment of Decision No. 140, dated 11.05.2018 of the Provisional General Prosecutor Ms. Arta Marku and annulment of Decision No.141 dated 11.05.2018 of the Provisional General Prosecutor Ms. Arta Marku, etc.”:


Registration date: 17.05.2018 No. 2 / 2018 JD


Initiated by: Appellants Ms. Rovena Gashi and Mr. Dritan Gina


Status: Concluded on 21.06.2018, Decision No.2/2018 (JD)


The composition of the preliminary review Panel:

Judge Luan Daci

Judge Rezarta Schuetz

Case Rapporteur: Judge Ina Rama