The Appeal Chamber held on May 2, 2019, the next public hearing of case (JR) no.9/2018, dated 19.07.2018, corresponding to the appeal of the Public Commissioner against decision no.22, dated 07.06.2018, of the Independent Qualification Commission related to the transitional re-evaluation of the assessee Mr. Edmond Islamaj.

During today’s hearing, the adjudication panel – following the final conclusions of the Public Commissioner, who requested in the end the modification of IQC decision no. 22, dated 07.06.2018, and the dismissal from office of the assessee Edmond Islamaj, and the final conclusions of the assessee, who in the end requested the upholding of IQC decision no. 22 dated 07.06.2018, as a fair decision, supported in facts and evidences and based on law and Constitution – declared the judicial review closed and decided to announce its decision on Wednesday, 22.05.2019, at 15:00 h. The adjudication panel clarified that the scheduling of this date was due to objective reasons, related to the composition of the adjudication panel.

The hearing shall be held at the premises of the Appeal Chamber, at: Bulevardi “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, nr.3. Tirana.