The Appeal Chamber held on July 7, 2019, at 10:00 h, the public hearing of case (JR) no. 29/2018, dated 05.11.2018, corresponding to the appeal of the Public Commissioner against decision no. 60 dated 01.08.2018 of the Independent Qualification Commission related to the transitional re-evaluation of the assessee Mr. Gentian Medja.

During today’s hearing the adjudication panel provided the parties a preliminary draft of the methodology proposed in the appeal of the Public Commissioner.

The adjudication panel invited the parties to provide their views with regard to this draft-methodology, in general, as well as its constituent elements and its method of implementation.

The adjudication panel invited in particular the Public Commissioner to detail his request to further investigations in terms of methodology indicators for which it results that there are no data or information in the case file administered by the Independent Qualification Commission.

In order to provide the necessary time to the parties to submit their opinions, the adjudication panel decided to adjourn the hearing on17.07.2019, at 10:00 h.

The public hearing shall be held at the premises of the Appeal Chamber, at: Bulevardi “Dëshmorët