Today, on 14.05.2021, at 10:30, the Appeal Chamber held the public hearing of the case (JR) 53/2019, dated 25.10.2019, related to the appeal of the Public Commissioner filed against the decision of the Independent Commission of Qualification no. 183, dated 19.07.2019, corresponding to the assessee Petrit Çano.

Following the previous hearing, during which the Public Commissioner stated the appeal grounds and requested the opening of the judicial investigation, and the assessee stated his objections and requested that new evidence be collected, the trial panel, after being consulted, upon an interim decision, decided:

  • To declare the opening of the judicial investigation of the case pursuant to Article F, paragraph 3 of the Annex of the Constitution, Articles 41, paragraph 4, 43, paragraph 4 and 45 of Law no. 84.2016.
  • To allow the collection of the new evidence submitted by the assessee during the hearing of 27.04.2021, based on Article 49, paragraph 1 of Law no. 84.2016.
  • For the purpose of the judicial investigation, to request additional documentation and information from the following institutions: General Directorate of Taxes, Central Directorate of State Cadastre Agency, Prosecution at the First Instance Court Berat, Prosecution at the First Instance Court Kruja, Kruja Judicial District Court and the Classified Information Security Directorate.
  • To investigate and verify pursuant to Article 53 of Law no. 84/2016, the denunciation submitted to the Appeal Chamber by the citizen R. Sh., requesting data from: State Agency of Cadastre Gjirokastra, Directorate of Water Supply and Sewerage Gjirokastra, Vlora and Lushnja.

Pending the administration of this documentation, the trial panel decided to adjourn the public hearing on 3.06.2021, at 10:00.

The public hearing shall take place at the premises of the Appeal Chamber, at: Bulevardi “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, nr.3 Tirana.