The Appeal Chamber held today, on 12.12.2018, the public hearing of case (JR) no. 10/2018, dated 31.07.2018, corresponding to the appeal of the Public Commissioner against decision no. 24, dated 13.06.2018, of the Independent Qualification Commission related to the transitional re-evaluation of the assessee Mr. Bashkim Dedja.

During the hearing the Public Commissioner submitted the appeal grounds whereas the assessee submitted his objections to the appeal filed by the Public Commissioner and requested the Appeal Chamber to review in the capacity of evidences several documents that he filed with the adjudication panel.

Following the deliberations, the adjudication panel considered the evidences as not necessary and returned them back to the assessee. The chairperson invited the Public Commissioner and the assessee respectively for their final submissions. The Public Commissioner requested the modification of IQC decision no. 24 dated 13.06.2018 and dismissal from office of the assessee Bashkim Dedja. The assessee requested the rejection of the request of the Public Commissioner and upholding of IQC decision no. 24 dated 13.06.2018.

The adjudication panel withdrew to make the decision, to be announced tomorrow, on 13.12.2018, at 15:00 hrs.