Today, on 20.01.2022, at 10:00, the Appeal Chamber held the public plenary hearing of case (JD) no. 4/2021, dated 21.05.2021, pertaining to the appeal of the appellant Enkeleida Hoxha against decision no. 92, dated 17.03. 2021 of the High Judicial Council, with interested parties, the High Judicial Council (HJC) and the High Inspector of Justice (HIJ).

The appellant Enkeleida Hoxha, when questioned by the presiding judge, stated her consent that her lawyer, Mr. Ardian Visha represents her in her presence and absence.

The presiding judge, in view of the tasks assigned by the Chamber in the previous hearing, held on December 15, 2021, informed the court that the High Judicial Council had forwarded to the Chamber the complete file containing all the acts administered and created for the purposes of the disciplinary proceedings, on the basis of which HJC issued decision no. 92, dated 17.03.2021. Upon the arrival of the file, the AC had requested the appellant to appear at the Chamber to be acquainted with the acts, but Ms. Hoxha had officially replied that due to health reasons it was impossible to her. The presiding judge made also known that neither the lawyer had responded to the Chamber’s repeated requests to be acquainted with the file.

Subsequently, when requested by the presiding judge whether there was any preliminary request, the appellant requested to be acquainted with the acts in their entirety and a copy of them be made available to her.

The High Judicial Council representative, stating his position on this request, held that it is the right of the appellant to be acquainted with the acts, while the High Inspector of Justice representatives stated that they leave the decision on the request to the court discretion.

After withdrawing for consultation, the panel decided to accept the appellant’s request to make available a copy of the acts, in compliance with the procedural provisions, taking however into account the identification that the petitioner herself would make of the acts assessed by her as necessary to guarantee the right of defense during this trial.

To the purpose of making possible the conduct of such actions, the Chamber decided to adjourn the hearing until February 21, 2022, at 10:00.

The public plenary hearing will take place in the premises of the Appeal Chamber, at Boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, no. 3, Tirana.