The lot was drawn today on 23.01.2019 at the Appeal Chamber to substitute Judge Albana Shtylla, appointed as Chairperson of the adjudication panel of case (JR) no. 3/2019, dated 11.01.2019, corresponding to the appeal of the assessee Ms. Entela Prifti against decision no. 69, dated 10.10.2018 of the Independent Qualification Commission.

The request of Judge Albana Shtylla for recusal from the review of this case was unanimously decided upon decision no. 3/2, date 21.01.2019, by the adjudication panel composed of: Chairperson Luan Daci, and members, Ardian Hajdari, Natasha Mulaj, Rezarta Schuetz and Sokol Çomo.

Finally, according to the lot for the appointment of the substitute member, and then for the chairperson of this adjudication panel, its composition is as follows:

Chairperson:    Natasha Mulaj

Rapporteur:     Ardian Hajdari

Members:        Luan Daci, Ina Rama, Rezarta Schuetz