The adjudication panel of the Appeal Chamber, chaired by Ms. Albana Shtylla, case rapporteur Mr. Luan Daci and members, Mr. Ardian Hajdari, Ms. Rezarta Schuetz, and Mr. Sokol Çomo, announced today the decision of case (JR) No. 20/2018 dated 17.10.2018, corresponding to the appeal of the assessee Rovena Gashi against decision no. 48, dated 25.07.2018 of the Independent Qualification Commission.

At the beginning of the hearing, to the purpose of public transparency, judge Albana Shtylla pointed out that the assessee had filed a request demanding the recusal of the members of the adjudication panel, registered with the Appeal Chamber upon no. prot. 753/37, dated 10.05.2019.

The request of the assessee was filed after the closing of the judicial review at the hearing dated May 6, 2019, when the adjudication panel was withdrawn in chambers to deliberate on the decision-making. This request was considered by 5 adjudication panels drawn by lot in the Appeal Chamber, considering the application of the principle of proportionality of impartiality at trial with the exercising of the functions of the Appeal Chamber as a court, given its limited number of judges.

Also, with regard to the review of this request of the assessee, the Appeal Chamber, pursuant to Article 75 of the Civil Procedure Code, guaranteed its trial of 5 adjudication panels, where the judge whose recusal was requested was not a member therein.

The adjudication panels assigned by lot with regard to this request, upon decisions no. 20/6, 20/11, 20/12, 20/13 and 20/14, dated 27.05.2019, decided the dismissal of the request of the assessee Rovena Gashi for the recusal of the members of the adjudication panel reviewing the appeal against IQC decision no. 48, dated 25. 07. 2018.

Based on the afore-mentioned decisions, the adjudication panel proceeded with the deliberations on making the decision related to the assessee Rovena Gashi, and decided the following:

The adjudication panel considers that, from the financial analysis, it results that the assessee lacked payment capacity upon income from lawful financial sources, as concluded in the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission, a factual situation provided for in Article D, paragraphs 1 and 3, of the Annex to the Constitution and Article 33, paragraph 5, item ‘b’, of Law no. 84/2016.

For these reasons, pursuant to Article 66, paragraph 1, item ‘a’ of Law no. 84/2016, “On the transitional re-evaluation of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”, the adjudication panel of the Appeal Chamber unanimously decided:

  1. To uphold decision no. 48, dated 25.07.2018, of the Independent Qualification Commission.
  2. This decision is final and effective immediately.

Announced in Tirana, today on 29.05.2019