Today, on 19.05.2021, at 10:00, the Appeal Chamber held the public hearing of the case (JR) 46/2019, dated 25.09.2019, regarding the appeal of the Public Commissioner filed against the decision no. 161, dated 18.06.2019, of the Independent Qualification Commission related to the assessee Kastriot Selita.

The presiding judge informed that the Appeal Chamber had received the additional documentation from the Directorate of Tax Appeals and had forwarded them to the litigants in the court proceedings. After the litigants confirmed that they had gotten acquainted with the documentation, in fulfillment of the tasks assigned by the trial panel in the previous hearing, the assessee stated his position regarding his living expenses for years 1997-1999.

When questioned by the presiding judge, the litigants stated that they had no further requests regarding the adjudication process, then the trial panel declared the conclusion of the judicial investigation of the case and invited the parties to state their final conclusions.

While stating his final conclusions, and being aware of the position of the assessee on the living expenses for years 1997-1999, the Public Commissioner stated that even with the new evidence, the assessee failed to prove his claims and he failed to change the factual  situation of the case, regarding his assets and denunciations of the public. He deemed that the assessee lacks the financial sources, fails to justify upon lawful sources his income and those of his related person, and has made inaccurate and lack of full disclose regarding his assets.

The Public Commissioner asked the Appeal Chamber to state its position on the proficiency of the assessee and on the overall evaluation of the case and requested the amendment of decision no. 161, dated 18.06.2019, of the Independent Qualification Commission and dismissal of the assessee Kastriot Selita from office.

While stating his final conclusions, the assessee objected the statements of the Public Commissioner, stating that the latter is rejecting the facts and evidence submitted with the Appeal Chamber. Regarding the denunciations, the assessee stated that they are untrue, unjustified and unfounded in law.

The assessee asked the Appeal Chamber to uphold decision no. 161, dated 18.06.2019, of the Independent Qualification Commission for its paragraph 1, and amendment of the decision for its paragraph 2, by ruling on the confirmation in office for this paragraph as well.

Following the final conclusions of the litigants, the trial panel withdrew to make the final judgment, which shall be delivered on 31.05.2021, at 13.00.

The public hearing shall take place at the premises of the Appeal Chamber, at: Bulevardi “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, nr.3. Tirana.